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Getting Your Money on Track

Getting your Money on Track

By Ron DeLegge, Editor

May 2, 2008


SAN DIEGO ( - Using the right financial products to build your investment portfolio is one important step to putting you on the road to financial success. To that end, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are an excellent place to start.


ETFs are low cost index funds that trade like stocks. They avoid the trappings of high fees, tax inefficiency, window dressing, and style drift – all things that contribute to higher risk and market underperformance.


Many investors have decided to make ETFs a core part of their portfolio plan. For that, they deserve to be congratulated.


Nevertheless, while the decision, to join the market instead of trying to beat it, is the correct investment philosophy to have, using ETFs in themselves doesn’t guarantee automatic success. More is needed. Getting the right mix of funds is essential to reaching your financial goals.


Along these lines, in 2005, we decided to help investors.


ETFguide introduced six ready built ETF portfolios that people could follow along with. The service has been a hit. I guess people don't want to sift through 750 plus ETFs.


We don’t manage your money, we simply provide you with an inside view as to how ETF portfolios are built and managed. Changes in portfolio holdings are explained as well why certain funds stay.


Each of the portfolios is strategically oriented.

For example, the Contrarian Fox focuses on owning ETF market segments that are undervalued or out of favor. The World Traveler concentrates its holdings on foreign and emerging markets. The Capital Defense portfolio owns defensive ETFs.


Millions of investors own ETFs, but they haven’t organized their portfolio in a manner to receive the greatest benefits. I can assure you that ETFguide’s portfolio service is changing that.


The year-to-date results have been posted below and I encourage you to try the service. 


May the market indexes be with you.


2008 Results for ETF Ready-to-Go Portfolios*

Strategic Balance +1.85%

Capital Defense -2.44%

Contrarian Fox -6.71%

Generation Growth -1.16%

Sector Savvy -6.51%

World Traveler -1.76%

S&P 500 -4.02%


*YTD Performance through 5/1/08 market close

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