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REPORT: U.S. Stock and Bond Market to Remain Closed for Second Day

REPORT: U.S. Stock and Bond Market to Remain Closed for Second Day
October 29, 2012

The U.S. stock market will be closed again tomorrow (10/30/12) along with the bond market because of dangerous weather conditions caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The NYSE Euronext (NYSE: NYX) and Nasdaq OMXís (Nasdaq: NDAQ) equity trading closures, follows the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Associationís move to close bond trading for all dollar-denominated fixed income securities.

Flooding and high winds have crippled the Atlantic states.

Stock market trading closures on consecutive days because of fierce weather conditions hasnít happened since a brutal snow blizzard back in 1888.

In addition to keeping financial markets closed, the category 1 storm has forced businesses to shut down, disrupted travel and caused evacuations.

50-Year History of NYSE Closures


SEP 11-14, 2001

Closed after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center


SEP 27, 1985

Hurricane Gloria


JUL 14, 1977

Power blackout in New York City


FEB 10, 1969

Winter snowstorm


NOV 25, 1963

President John F. Kennedyís funeral


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